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Re: Some kind of plec?

Subject: Re: Some kind of plec?
by Crunchie on 17/5/2007 10:26:12

I had a feeling we were talking 6' tanks or more. I don't know and never have known anyone in my life that's had a tank bigger than 4' unfortunately. I think there is a local fish club, I'll maybe ask them if someone there has a suitable tank.

I assume my suspicions regarding them being sold for cold water tanks were indeed to stunt their growth at expense of the lifespan so they did possibly only reach 5"?

I can't believe that shop, it was always such a good one. I'd normally see a new fish, go home and look it up before I bought it but I trusted that shop completely so didn't bother. I rang them up today and told them what I'd been sold but they insist that the plecs are coldwater ones and will only get to 5". It's only a small shop and that was apparently the head honcho I spoke to.
Who else can I complain to as I can't the council taking much interest either (as unfortunately do most when it comes to fish welfare).

It's funny really as the shop is quite far out of the town centre. They cannot afford people to go in, take one look and vow never to return but their tanks are usually fairly well kept.