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Re: Some kind of plec?

Subject: Re: Some kind of plec?
by Crunchie on 16/5/2007 22:49:15

Right I've made a phone call and have arranged for him to go into a 4' tropical tank next week though unsure what to do with him in the long run. The person taking him on is replacing his four foot tank and a two foot tank with a five foot tank. We're wondering if this is at all suitable for him or does he really need a really huge tank?

We reckon taking him back to the shop is as good as giving him a death sentance if he's going to go back in a cold water tank and be sold to someone who wants him for a two foot goldfish tank.

Thing is what should I do with him in the meantime? Should I leave him in my 3' goldfish tank or move him to my 2' tropical one.