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Re: OH NO, Mantis Shrimp at large

Subject: Re: OH NO, Mantis Shrimp at large
by taziker on 3/5/2007 13:20:07

taken from my marine invertebrates book......

....mantis shrimps are unmistakable. they have what appears to be a lobsters abdomen attached to a preying mantis's thorax, topped by a head all thier own.....

...these are predatory, highly territorial an reasonable intelligent...

basically they eat fish and other crustaceans if theres no other food around.

grow to aout 2.5 inch long x 0.4 inches wide, in an aquarium.

it goes on to say they can hit with the force of a 0.22 caliber bullet and have been known to smash tanks.

also they aint reef safe.

also says they are intelligent, and if you can catch it, its worth setting up a seperate tank as they fully capable of learning to know their keepers and respond to them.

Not a bad book this :)