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small microthings appearing in fishless cyle?

Subject: small microthings appearing in fishless cyle?
by natterjack on 18/3/2007 18:14:13


I am doing a fishless cyclefor my freshwater tank which i am hoping to house shoals of danios. This is only 38 litres.

The tank consist of gravels, rock and plants all bought from my lfs. Been treating and testing water for nitrite. All seem going to plan for one week and still got to do two more weeks before adding any fish. (all being well)

Day 7- noticed a very micro creature on glass which is appearing to be a baby snail. It moves quickly! must have came with a egg on plants. I am fine with this! hope it is an apple snail!

Day10, i have spotted a few wriggling white worm-like creatures on the glass. They are so mirco-size and cant take a good picture to show. Are these bacteria? Should I be worried or is this normal for fishless cycle. I hope these wont be pests to my lovely fishes? sorry for all the questions!

answers will be appreciated. let me know if you need more details.