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Re: lamp eye

Subject: Re: lamp eye
by gbunting on 26/2/2008 21:01:28

It is indeed a great fish. Silver in colour but with the brightest blue eyes. The fish is small, no more than 3cm but I have had my 3 for over 18 months living quite happily with some Angels , Swords and Cardinal Tetras.
The eye is a deep black and looks like blue eye shadow has been painted above it. A really pretty fish !

My (very old) copy of the Observers book of Tropical fishes says.............
Lamp Eye - Poropanchax macrophthalmus
Other names - Aplocheilichthys or Micropanchax macrophthalmus or Lantern Eye.

It apparently originates from Lagos.
Eggs are not scattered but laid singly or in groups, dangling from the female ventral fin until brushed against plants. Fry are difficult to raise.