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Household Ammonia information

Subject: Household Ammonia information
by Cardnim on 8/1/2007 14:25:17

Just thought I would post this information as it may be useful to some other fishkeepers:

"Enzo Household Ammonia"
£1 for 500ml bottle
9.5% ammonia
90.5% distilled water

It's readily available throughout UK, but is produced by Lausco Services in Wales (I phoned them today to get this info and they were very helpful).
Contact details are:
Lausco Services Ltd.
TEL: 01446 775577

I've been having great success with this ammonia during my current new tank fishless cycle (see other post in the Tropical forum) and as its pure ammonia I dont think I'll have to worry about any phosphates, chemicals, perfumes, etc.

Got some more info through from Lausco today about the Ammonia:
PH = 13.0 - 14.0
AQUATIC TOXICITY = LC50 96h < 1mg/l
VAPOUR PRESSURE = 760 MM Hg at 20 degress C.
10% Ammonia Solution
Irritant, Xi (R36-37-38)
("not sure what those numbers above mean, but thought Id put it here for the boffins amongst us" )