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Re: Household Ammonia information

Subject: Re: Household Ammonia information
by Nayfeee on 26/12/2009 18:08:20


dandikki wrote:
lol the post about smelling it made me laugh my socks off... I started a fishless cycle 2 days ago with boots household ammonia (which you can buy online on the boots website, red cap white bottle, ?1.70 something) and as soon as i opened the bottle i had to sniff, what a regret, i thought i was going die, i couldnt breath properly for an hour or so, so i shamefully thought if i was going my partner was to come with me, so i passed over the bottle and said "here, have a sniff of that" haha, his expression was histerical.

Evil! I got my ammonia today from Homebase & just had to have a sniff. I still don't feel right and that was 30 mins ago! Thought I'd burnt my nose off! haha