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Re: Household Ammonia information

Subject: Re: Household Ammonia information
by cathie on 16/6/2009 8:49:25

If you are upgrading and moving all the fish over you really don't need to do a fishless cycle unless you want to in the interests of science

Either you can remove the filter and run it alongside the new filter until it clogs - over a 4 - 6 week period the new filter will become colonised with bacteria and as the old filter gradually runs down the new one will take over.

Alternatively, or if the old one is not removable, and you can remove all the old filter media (sponges etc), take all that out and put it in the new filter, fill up with extra new media, and run. Keep a careful eye on test results for the first couple of weeks to make sure there has not been any bacterial die-off during the transfer.

I personally would only do a fishless cycle when I had to, it is dull looking at a tank full of imaginary fish when your real fish could be in there sooner enjoying the space!