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Re: Filters AND air pumps ?

Subject: Re: Filters AND air pumps ?
by jamesh on 2004/12/22 20:17:26

Yeah but thats not the pump is it its the water moving I kind of like that noise.

Yeah it was practical fishkeeper, found myself in smiths looking for something to read and came across the mag.
Its got some good stuff in it.
good pic of a panda catfishy fish.deffinatly my next purchase I think. although that wont be until march now as the powers that be have decided I need to go and set up a new store for Jan/feb, so wont be able to look after new introductions. Mind you it has its advantages, 5 nights b&b a week in a pub

Anyway back to the pump yeah thats the one looks good to me, the only problem i can see is that the flow in my tank would disrupt the upward bubbles and cause them to circulate the tank ending up with the same issue.
Ive a day off tomorrow, cant remember what one of them is or what im sposed to do but going to have a play with the pump to see if i can sort it out better.