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Re: Filters AND air pumps ?

Subject: Re: Filters AND air pumps ?
by Goldy on 2004/12/19 23:55:23


jamesh wrote:
I have the 2 plus and it has a periscope part to the out flow of the pump which when it is above water level creates a stream of bubbles in the outflow jet of water.
so no air pump needed. Mine produces an annoying amount of tiny bubbles that circulate the tank.

I would think the tiny bubbles are actually aerating the tank


Goldy how much movement do yo u need?? is it enough to have a slight ripple or does the water need to be broken??

Guess it depends on your stocking level and yes the water surface needs to be broken for the water to absorb the oxygen


Saw an advert in the magazine for an air pump that is total submersible rather than have a tube from an external one to an air stone cant find it at the moment but it looked good, not sure if mains powered or not tho?


was that out of practical fishkeeping mag by any chance
Could only find this one with a photo:
http://www.petdiscounters.biz/custome ... tid=1157633&cat=953&page=