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Re: New service - RO water fresh and salted delivered in Cambs

Subject: Re: New service - RO water fresh and salted delivered in Cambs
by Deuce on 3/10/2006 23:59:10

We can deliver RO water pretty much anytime, we operate a container exchange so expect the same service as a traditional milkman. - leave the empties out on the day and we swap them for the new ones. The minimum order is 4 containers which sounds a lot but 98% pure water lasts for a very long time in a tub, also the trace elements of the salt mix will not disperse or bond in an oxygen free environment.

it may suprise you to know that 25l of salted RO using Tropic Marin salt only costs about £1.40 for us to produce. Normally I dont discuss costs v profit openly but in this case I feel its still worthwhile. ITs so much easier than picking it up yourself, we get the salt at a heavily discounted trade price and how many people really enjoy having seperate tubs around the house/garage to mix salt water? Also even the most modest RO unit will produce more water than the average aquarist can use, sure you can slow the flow down but then your expensive membrane lasts less time.

This idea makes sense on paper and thankfully to the real world as well.

It's just awkward to make people aware of it!