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Re: Advice needed asap

Subject: Re: Advice needed asap
by Coralline on 28/9/2006 15:49:11

you are kind of right, and although not going to be 'ideal' you can juggle them a bit to giv them the best with what you have. so you have 3 mature tanks- 2 23 ltr tanks and 1 21ltr tank? 4 goldfish, 7/8 guppies and 2 corys.
for now, which is what i think you meant, put 2 goldfish in each of the 23ltr tanks ans the trops in the 21ltr tank. dont bother emptying or cleaning or anyhting like that, you will more than likely just upset the bacteria levels, and cause more problems. just move the heater to the tank for the trops and do a part water change with sum a couple of kettle fulls of hot water) (obviousley while theres no fish in there!)
as you may know, the four singletails need 10 gallons each, so a 40 gallon tank, or two 20 gallons at least, and your trops would be better in 10 gallon tank, so you will need to think about getting some new tanks fairly soon, try ebay!