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Advice needed asap

Subject: Advice needed asap
by Fancytail on 28/9/2006 14:08:28

ok, may take a while.....1 of our tanks is definitely too small for the occupiers.we have a 21ltr with 4 single tails approx 1-2" (slap on the wrists i know, but i had no experience when we bought them!)Goldfish are looking quite sad and cramped and my bro had his appendix go and bust on him sunday so he is quite ill and hasnt been able to sort out his fish.Cant have a new tank until christmas coz he's 14 and cant afford it2b frank.
we also have these tropical tanks: 23ltr with 4 male guppies & 1 peppered cory (Matts tank)
23ltr with 3 female guppies, 1 baby guppy in breeding unit & 1 peppered cory. (My tank)

Could i....
Empty the fish from his 23ltr in 2 my 23ltr
transfer 2 out of 4 goldfish in to the newly emptied 23ltr
obviously minus the thermostat.
empty the 23ltr completely, clean everything in it, fill with half the water from 21ltr, top up the 21ltr treating it as a big water change and then add cycle to the 23ltr to mature it..... (Take a breath)
Please help as im as confused as u may be after reading this post!!!!