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Re: Dr.Watson's worms!!

Subject: Re: Dr.Watson's worms!!
by flameangel on 17/7/2006 18:43:38

I had an email from Dr Watson today! it reads as follows

Dear Kate

I have had a look at the worms you sent me and unfortunately it
has not been possible to identify them. This is beacuse they are
only small parts of the body and mising their heads and tails. I
even think they may be bits from the same animal!

It is very difficult to identify polychaetes without the head so
usually when they are collected if they are missing a head or are
only a 'bit' of the worm then they are discarded.

Sorry I cant be of more help, but if you can catch a whole worm I
would be happy to try again.



Wow they just looked like 2 separate worms to me? How odd is that?
I'm determined to find a whole one then and post that off?