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Re: Dr.Watson's worms!!

Subject: Re: Dr.Watson's worms!!
by Goldy on 5/7/2006 17:44:03

Here taken from the worm thread complete with address


Goldy wrote:
Here you go:
It says
Idealy the worms should be be fixed in formalide, but as most people dont have this to hand, pop it in 100% alcohol. Alternatively, post the live worm in a small pot of seawater. Send all speciamens (and any associated details such as where it was living, what it was feeding on, etc.) to the address below "says on the left in the mag" and he will try to Identify it and let you know.
He also says' it would be great to build up a specimen collection of amphinomids and other polychaetes appearing in people's tanks. The more we know about these facinating creatures the better.

Dr Gordon Watson
Institute of Marine Sciences
Ferry Road
University of portsmouth
PO4 9LY.