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Re: Dr.Watson's worms!!

Subject: Re: Dr.Watson's worms!!
by Saffa on 31/5/2007 15:56:23

Hi all

I Started marine awhile back about 6 months ago, and came here for advice, anyway I thought i would pop back in quickly because I have worms and was wondering if they were dangerous or harmfull in any way? They are like a soft skin sort of colour with lots of legs and very long, kind of like centipedes. They also have very good grip.
Is this the same sort of worms this thread relates to, if so I have loads in my live rock. They feed at night or come out at night and feed on anything really, My shrimp shed some skin and by morning it was gone!!!

I could try catch some, they tend to stick underneath the bigger rocks and post them off if need be.