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Re: Sunday Times- Goldfish have feelings too

Subject: Re: Sunday Times- Goldfish have feelings too
by Bead on 17/4/2011 9:36:48

I always say good morning and good night to my goldies. I also talk to them while I clean them out, or walk by and when I am in the kitchen (thats where thier tank is) they respond everytime. They think they are going to be fed everytime I go to the freezer (thats where thier food is kept)and I have taught them NOT to be afraid of the net (they were petrified when I first got them). I can now scoup out debree etc without them panicking and on the very very rare occasion I need to 'net' em I don't spend ages trying to catch the little mites and they don't get stressed. So if they only had a 3 second memory they would not know all this.

I love my goldies as much as I love my dog and they get spoilt:) treated and looked after, whatever needs they have.