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Re: Swimbladder Answers

Subject: Re: Swimbladder Answers
by rootsie on 7/9/2015 16:52:10


Not sure if you can help but I have a straight tail goldfish who is poorly :O(

He has been unwell for 10 days now, I initially thought it was swim bladder s0 didn't feed him for 3 days then introduced some skinned boils peas as per internet research. I also added some disease safe treatment to the water as advised by my local pet shop (I have done this twice as per instructions)

He is still not looking great, but is swimming around occasionally but spends most of his time resting on the bottom. He does look like he has a dark lump inside him which I thought was constipation but am getting increasingly worried for him. My other fish in the tank is fine.

Any advise would be mush appreciated