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Re: Black / shaded scales on Lionhead

Subject: Re: Black / shaded scales on Lionhead
by Goldy on 7/4/2004 12:09:08

Hi again linsay You say you have had your fish for 5 weeks but only in the tank 3, I take it you had them in a bowl or something like that then before, I would think the cycle is still going on, that is likely why your lionhead has got the water burns/black marks, you will find out once you test the water then remember regular water changes with a water conditioner (I recommend aquasafe by tetra as it came up tops in a servey, the cycle is ammonia to nitrite then to nitrate, the test strips don't test for ammonia, only nitrite, nitrate and ph GH/water hardness, and KH, use the strips and let me know the readings then it will tell you if you need to test for ammonia.