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Re: Black / shaded scales on Lionhead

Subject: Re: Black / shaded scales on Lionhead
by lseaton on 7/4/2004 11:38:09

Thank you very much for your help
This forum is a great source of information!
That is a brilliant link, i highly recommend it.

So if i understand it correctly, i have to let the nitrite & nitrate build up and the ammonia will decrease.
I have had the tank about 3 weeks now but have had the fish for about 5 weeks, so i am assuming the cycling is still going on??

I am off to get some test strips on my lunch break!

Hope my Lionhead gets better, it looks like it's lay in coal dust.
Poor Tiny Oranda, he looked very sorry when i got him, i felt a bit sorry for him, hope he will survive. I read i can get a treatment for him, will give it a try.