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Re: Black / shaded scales on Lionhead

Subject: Re: Black / shaded scales on Lionhead
by Goldy on 7/4/2004 10:59:52

Hi linsay When you first set up a fish tank with a filter etc and add fish it goes through a cycle, that is basicly the filter building up good bacteria to break down the fish waste so that your fish are not swimming in their own toilet and getting poisoned, here is a site to show you what the cycle is about:

You can buy test kits to check for ammonia etc, but as you have had your fish for a while now I would buy the Tetra 5-1 test strips about £10.99 for 20 strips/tests and are easy to use, you should be able to get them from most local shops that sell fish and fish stuff, all you do is dip them into the tank water and compare with the chart on the side of the tub, nothing to be scared of.

Your other fish seems to be having swimbladder trouble this can be provoked by bad water conditions as well as diet or a bacteria infection, that is why we have to test and keep the water parimitors correct.you should find that once you get the water correct the black marks should go on your lionhead, that is if they are down to water/ammonia burns.

sexing goldfish:
Goldfish usually come into breeding at about a year old, the male goldfish when they are mature have white salt like spots on their gills and front/pectorial fins, and the females if you look closley look like they have an egg sticking out of their bottom.