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Re: Black / shaded scales on Lionhead

Subject: Re: Black / shaded scales on Lionhead
by lseaton on 6/4/2004 23:32:29


Thank you so much for your reply, have read 4 books today but no mention of goldfish turning black.

I have no idea what "cycling" is, but am very keen to find out and have never tested the water before.

What can I do to cure my Lionhead?

This might be a coincidence but the Lionhead started to go black after I added a brand new Carbon Zeolite Filter to the tank. I have removed it now as i have added a treatment to the water, to cure fungus as i think the Lionhead is looking a bit fluffy.
None of the other 3 fish have been affected by the blacking and even the Lionhead seems to be behaving normally.

My tank holds about 25 litres of water and is approx 24x8x8 inches. It has 2 small plants in it to.
I always use Aquarian Tap Conditioner and have used Aquarian First Aid to try to help and stop infection.

After reading other topics on this forum regarding goldfish "chasing" one another, i am lead to believe my Lionhead could be a girl. The much smaller Sarasa Comet and Shibunkin seem to stay close to it a lot of the time.
The Sarasa Comet seems quite an aggressive fish for his small size, only picking on larger fish-inferiority complex?

Also, do you know what i can do about my vertical tiny Oranda. He is quite an unfortunate looking chap, think he is a bit of a runt
You seem quite Knowledgeable about these things!

Any info would be greatly appreciated

Kind Regards