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Black / shaded scales on Lionhead

Subject: Black / shaded scales on Lionhead
by lseaton on 4/4/2004 10:55:45


i am new here and relativeley new to keeping fish.
I am concerned about the largest fish in my tank, a lionhead goldfish(4inches length). He lives with a very small Sarasa Comet(2inches length), an even smaller Red Cap Oranda(1inch length) and a Shibunkin who is also smaller than him (2.5inches length).

All the fish seem very healthy, but i have noticed black areas around the Lionheads mouth and on his underside, after this i noticed the much smaller Comet charging at the side of the Lionhead and headbutting him for no apparent reason.

Can you tell me what has caused these patches and how i can help this fish? Has he been bullied by the much smaller fish?

Any info would be much appreciated