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Re: 3 DEAD FISH..........

Subject: Re: 3 DEAD FISH..........
by captk on 17/5/2006 15:26:08

Lisa, there is nothing wrong with having a small pond in your garden. It can still be a wonderful thing but a small pond is only suitable for goldies. The problem is that commercial people have different motivations. They are not all rip off merchants but they have sales as their prime motivator. If they can get you to buy something then it is better than scaring you away with the bad news, if you know what I mean.

Sure, a small pond with a couple of small goldies will not need a filter. But then again, if you want your water to be always pristine and your fish happy then a bio-filter is a very good idea. Same with stocking level, you can to for broke and stock 30 fish in there. You might get luck and only lost a few here or there or you can lose the lot if the pH crashes on you.

The bottomline is that forums like this are staffed by volunteers who has nothing to sell and have no vested interest other than to see that other fish keepers get the best support they can get and are given straight forward answers (and bad news sometimes). There will be variations in advice given as different people has slightly different take on things but in general, we pull in the same direction which is healthy ponds/tanks = healthy fish.