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Re: 3 DEAD FISH..........

Subject: Re: 3 DEAD FISH..........
by lilyjoy on 17/5/2006 14:21:23

Right,so I have to get 2 more test kits.Or do you think it's better to take a water sample to the place where I got the fish from.He was the 1 who told me to have the grass carp.They are only little,he told me that they would keep blanket weed away.So many people tell me different things,I never know what is right.All I want is a smal ond with a few fish to sit and watch in the evening.It's cost us £s.We act on information given to us,then somboody else will say thats wrong.My poor head is spinning.We origanally got the things from water world.they said no filter,and Tetra products.Then we went to another place who said we needed a filter,and use another product.I' so lost.PLEASE HELP.