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3 DEAD FISH..........

Subject: 3 DEAD FISH..........
by lilyjoy on 17/5/2006 11:54:13

We have had our pond set up about 6 weeks now.2 weeks ago we bought 2 grass carp,within a week 1 had died.We took it back to the supplier,with a water sample,he said the sample was fine and it was just the luck of the draw.We had another grass carp,and 5 goldfish.In a week 2 gold fish have died.One had a bloody patch on his side.Also noticed that another has got a tiny black mark on his tail.Is this just markings or is there somthing wrong.
Our pond size is 475 litres.We have 2 water lilys,1 iris,10 oxeygenators,4 water hyathinths.What should we do? Lisa