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Re: Goldfish upside down

Subject: Re: Goldfish upside down
by Goldy on 17/3/2004 16:08:55

Hi again louiseonley The cycle of a tank is basicly when You set up your fish tank and put the fish in it and filter, the filter has to build up good bacteria to break down the fish poo etc so that it is safe for your fish, but to start with it goes through a cycle of ammonia, then nitrite and then nitrate, now ammonia is poison to fish and nitrite, nitrate is fertalizer to plants so not so bad unless it gets too high, so each time you completley change the water it has to go through a new cycle all over again which is not good for your fish. here is a link to help you see what its all about. http://www.totallyfish.com/tips/newtank.html