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Re: Goldfish upside down

Subject: Re: Goldfish upside down
by Goldy on 16/3/2004 0:33:53

Hi louise They recommend 8 uk gallons per goldfish to allow for growth etc and because they are very messy fish the bigger the tank the easier it is to keep healthy as long as you do not overstock, when you do a water change do you only part change or change it all, as a tank has to go through a cycle and if you change it all it has to start again which is not good for the fish, do you know anything about or how to cycle a tank? I would recommend getting some aquasafe water conditioner to protect your fish from the harmful chlorine etc that is in our drinking water your fish will thank you for it .

Here is a photo of my new tank because the fish out grew my 4ft tank I have added a few new additions since

Resized Image