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What do you think of this potential setup?

Subject: What do you think of this potential setup?
by libbylove on 11/1/2022 12:30:06

Hello lovely forum members,

This is my first post - I currently have a modest 30l tropical aquarium with just few guppies and dwarf pencilfish, but I am completely bitten by the bug and dreaming of my first saltwater reef aquarium.

I understand that fish only marine is easier, but the appeal to me is corals (anemones in particular) so I am trying to do a lot of research and start small to work up to a full marine tank one day. I would definitely like live rock as a filtration method, with a protein skimmer, wavemakers and until I saw this tank (below) - an external filter.

I have only got a small space to put a tank but would prefer one that comes with a stand to hide the equipment.

I've found this one which would suit my room perfectly size wise - I'd go for the175l however it comes with a lot of kit which although it says marine, doesn't seem up to the job?

I'd be so grateful if anyone with experience in Marine tanks could take a look and let me have any thoughts - basically if I added a protein skimmer, adequate live rock and wavemakers to this set up, would it work?

Also - I presume 'full spectrum LED' would not have the right wavelengths to keep corals happy so I'd need new lights?

I don't feel confident enough to set up a sump - is this something I could do in the future?

Thanks in advance,