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Complete Newbie - self cleaning tank?

Subject: Complete Newbie - self cleaning tank?
by heyfishyfishy on 4/1/2022 15:58:29


I am totally new here, and new to aquariums. I have wanted one all my life and I am considering actually taking the plunge (pun intended).

I watched YouTube video (and then several more) about how to create a tank that needs no water changes - this fascinated me, so I've looked into it more, and it seems perfectly achievable, providing you have the right understanding of the nitrogen cycle, input and output.

So this is what I would like to aim for. I understand it would need to be pretty heavily planted, and I would need a good substrate to provide an area for beneficial bacteria. I may still add a small filter to keep the water moving and I wouldn't consider adding any fish until I had cycled my tank properly and was happy with my set up.

But I still have some questions and any advice would be appreciated.

The idea I have at the moment for a tank is as follows:

- between 20 and 30 gallons
- heavily planted

The fish I think may work (and please do feedback)

- 3 kuhli loach
- 1 bristle nose pleco
- 6 cherry barbs (or another type of small schooling fish)
- a few snails

As I said - I wouldn't be introducing these right away, but these are what I think could work well.

Some questions:

1 - is this all feasible?
2 - would these fish all tolerate a similar temperature range - I live in the UK so I assume, self cleaning or not, I would need a heater - and a light?
3 - I assume you can't just top th tank up with tap water? do you simply use tap water and dechlorinate it before putting it in the tank?

I am sure I'll have more questions soon.