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Help! Does my Goldfish have Ich or Sand?

Subject: Help! Does my Goldfish have Ich or Sand?
by Yukonix on 1/1/2022 4:57:31

Happy new years! I need some help ;; ;;

I quarantined a couple of goldfish for about 2 weeks. Everything was fine. I added them to a 55 gallon tank with sand. They rolled around in the sand and the next day white spots were all over them. The day after? Even more. Thing is, its barely on the fins. Just on the body. And the goldfish that has been in the tank prior has none on their body. Just the two newly added goldfish. The old goldfish also doesnt rummage through the sand much. Only its bottom fins have some black and white sand on them from when it was feeding. But it doesnt roll around in the sand like the other two. I know fish get ich from being stressed. But they showed no ich for 2 weeks in the quarantine tank. IDK what would be more stressful about this one? The water quality is better in this tank.

I don't want to quarantine everyone again and treat them unless I am sure. Here are some pictures. Sorry if they are hard to see.
Please help if you can. Im so stressed about this.