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Adding Vitamins to fish food

Subject: Adding Vitamins to fish food
by draggin on 30/5/2021 21:36:54

I have a large tank (5ft 90Gal) of mainly Mbuna's and several of the fish are suffering with Lymphocystis which after much research I know is not treatable (at least in the medical sense), but I found many references to making sure that your fish are fed with foods containing vitamins, and trace elements etc. Well I have been feeding mine either flake or pellets from a no name supplier and the odd bit of cucumber, I have tried other foods (shelled pea, strawberry, spinach but they barely ate any of that). So I started feeding them Hikari pellets and also looking looking at supplyments that I can add to the fish food. I have also started adding adding Seachem Nourish to some Spirulina flakes and feeding the fish with that.

Is anybody adding supplyments to the fish food, if so what kind? What fish foods are you feeding your fish? and finally does anybody make any supplements to feed their fish?

Any info you can pass I will be most greatful