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Lab results

Subject: Lab results
by N-HoneyGourami on 15/4/2021 14:59:02


Please can you recommend treatments.

Following my previous post I sent a gaunt looking celebes rainbow and celestial pearl danio off for lab analysis. I will copy and paste from the lab report later, waiting to review it myself.

No tb. Both fish have ulceration and surface inflammation in the mouth / throat. Nothing to indicate columnaris. Rainbow had some evidence of internal parasites and early stage worms. Cpd not.

What treatments would you recommend for my tank stock below? Will any of the recommended treatments affect the filter bacteria? Manufacturers seem to always say no but forums otherwise.

Hospital tank:

Rainbows and cpd

Main tank
Orange Venezuelan corys 1.25/1.5 inch babies
1 bristlenose 3 inch baby
2 keyholes
4 platys and lots of fry from a few days to few weeks old
9 emerald eyespot rasbora

Main tank. NT Labs liquid test shows no ammonia, Salifert shows between 0 and 0.15 but not 0.15. No nitrite on either. Nitrates Salifert 25 (tap 30, currently using 1/3 RO). Gh 13/14, kh 10, ph 7.8. No plants. Will test hospital tank later, no RO in hospital tank currently but that’s not good for the CPDs as tap gh is 17.

The celebes rainbows were probably wild which I did not know at the time. Got them mid December.

The fish were all in the main tank until 10 days ago.