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Parasites or TB?

Subject: Parasites or TB?
by N-HoneyGourami on 6/4/2021 12:43:54

I’ve got a celebes rainbow that appears to be wasting away, I’m concerned about internal parasites.

In the UK seems there are limited treatments available. I have started myzaxin as the fish is not eating, thinning, sunken belly, gaunt looking and starting to separate itself from the other fish. Before starting treatment I noticed a second rainbow was heading in the same direction, and also one celestial pearl danio, so I have moved my 5 celebes rainbows and 8 cpd’s into their own tank. Although I did not know at the time I suspect these celebes rainbows were wild caught (wouldn’t have got them had I known).

So my questions are:

- best treatment appears to be metroplex but it’ll take a long time to get it (2-3 weeks) so what product can I use that’s available in the UK for internal parasites?

- i’ve separated the fish but will need to treat the whole tank. As these are strong medications should I only treat the whole tank with medications that are effective?

- if the medications are effective do I still need to be concerned about TB? Lab analysis for TB is about £300/350 for two fish. I will find the money if I have to but this isn’t money that I have lying around currently.

Any other advise welcome.

Will try and get photos to add shortly.