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Re: Help! Cycling stalled or just slow?

Subject: Re: Help! Cycling stalled or just slow?
by EvaBee on 20/2/2021 20:06:13

Hello, an update on our cycling and a few more questions...
Thanks to your really helpful advice above I think we are finally at the end. We followed your instructions and now getting 0 readings for nitrites (and ammonia too) 24 hours after adding full dose of 3ppm 😊 I think we had definitely suffered from a stalled cycle because once we had done those water changes and dosed smaller amounts every other day things got moving quite quickly.
So, before we do the big water change and race out to buy fish, I just wanted to check about ph and KH. Ours is boosted at the minute with bicarbonate of soda but this will be removed with water change. Our tap water is 1 drop KH - does that mean we are at risk of a ph crash and if so, what can we do about it if fish are in the tank? Don’t want to go the shop and get wrong advice so wanted to check here first for expert opinion! Also, does the rapid change in ph/KH levels caused by the massive water change hurt the beneficial bacteria we have built up?
Thanks again!