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Re: Help! Cycling stalled or just slow?

Subject: Re: Help! Cycling stalled or just slow?
by fcmf on 5/2/2021 14:31:52

Will have to be brief (apologies).
* Given that nitrites are so high, then another water change to bring them within test ranges sounds fair enough. [If they weren't off the chart, that might be a different matter.]
* Tank contents all seem fine.
* Nitrites can take that long to come down, and as also been blip in cycle with PH dropping / softness and possible adjustment time for BoS.
* From my reading, I think you could safely skip ammonia dosing for another day or two without it affecting cycle, to see if nitrites can get back under control to manageable levels. (When do resume, to 2ppm.)
Hope that helps. :)