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Re: Help! Cycling stalled or just slow?

Subject: Re: Help! Cycling stalled or just slow?
by EvaBee on 4/2/2021 17:47:44

Thanks. We will skip the ammonia dosing for today then. Do you think we should do another water change to try to lower nitrites to levels within the test ranges?

We have gravel (I can get back to you on exact make if needed), a few plastic plants (made by Betta or Aqua One), and a couple of Greek statue/building ornaments made by Betta (as my daughter wanted those!). The ammonia levels, along with all other readings, were a steady 0 for a week before we came across this site and others re fishless cycling (as others’ stories the fish shop didn’t tell us this, just to set up and leave alone for a couple of weeks 😳), and then were 0 till I got hold of some ammonia. So I don’t think the substrate should be causing problems but will leave that to your expert opinion!

It took exactly 3 weeks from adding first ammonia dose for nitrites to appear. That was on the 6th Jan but they are just not coming down. Ammonia steady 0 since 13th Jan (and daily dosing up to now) so that took exactly 4 weeks to go to 0 from initial dose.

All readings today exactly as yesterday (above post) except I added a bit more bicarbonate of soda to boost ph and kh a bit.

If we’ve skipped the ammonia dosing for today we have to add some tomorrow right? And to 2ppm again or less/more?

Many thanks,