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Re: Help! Cycling stalled or just slow?

Subject: Re: Help! Cycling stalled or just slow?
by EvaBee on 3/2/2021 22:41:30

Many thanks for your reply. It’s reassuring that we are hopefully doing ok.
So, we did a 30% water change yesterday and then dosed to 2ppm as I was too scared to omit it. (Glad to see your suggestion of reducing to 2ppm as that was a bit of a guess!)
Today the readings were:
Ammonia = 0
Nitrite = >5.0 (API test, purple for entire 5 mins so could be much higher but at least not turning grey as day before so water change must have brought down a bit - is that correct?)
Nitrate = 5.0 (API)
PH = 7.0 (NT labs) 6.8/7.0 (API)
KH = 2 drops (NT labs)

Using NT labs nitrite and nitrate tests we get 8.0 and 80+ (were going strange peach/orange color but now remaining pink). It was this nitrite test that got our hopes up 10 days ago as it suddenly seemed to go a lighter shade but now dark pink again.

Have dosed again to 2ppm this evening but happy to omit tomorrow if you think that would be a good idea, or do more water changes. Do we need to try to bring nitrite levels down to readable levels? We’ve got temperature to 28 and lid off, no light. What else have we missed??!

Thanks again!