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Re: Help! Cycling stalled or just slow?

Subject: Re: Help! Cycling stalled or just slow?
by fcmf on 3/2/2021 15:59:10

I think you're "on track", and the nitrite-eating bacteria will follow in time, so don't become too despondent. :) This article http://injaf.org/articles-guides/begi ... -aquarium-ready-for-fish/ might also come in handy as well as the one on here.
My water is a bit softer than yours, and I also had trouble fishless cycling, so you're doing the right thing in adding BoS. Depending on how recently you started using this, it might take a while for the PH to 'stabilise' and indeed this may be contributory to the high nitrites potentially stalling the cycle, esp if they're 2.0+ - what level are they at?
I'd omit or reduce ammonia to 2ppm - not add 3ppm. If you omitted or dosed yesterday, and/or did a water change, what is the situation today re ammonia/nitrite/nitrate levels? This will give us a better picture of how to advise further.