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Whitespot - new fish

Subject: Whitespot - new fish
by N-HoneyGourami on 16/1/2021 7:18:23

Got fish from the same shop as a friend last week and both now have whitespot.

I have Esha Exit but been reading and it says the treatment doesn’t work until the spots are present...only one fish has spots currently. So obviously I want to treat straight away but is it best to wait?

Also should I turn the temperature up? Some say it speeds up the life cycle of the disease? Do I want to do this? Tank is 25C, fish are two new platys, celestial pearl danios and emerald eyespot rasbora.

(As an aside I know about the GH issue and it will get fixed, I put the platys in there until I have two adult sized platys to add to the main tank with the male, didn’t want to add just one female initially as he’ll harass her too much).

Photo: blue fish has spots on tail and one fin underneath.