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Re: Uncontrollable ammount of fish poo

Subject: Re: Uncontrollable ammount of fish poo
by fcmf on 13/1/2021 14:48:33

A couple of points:
* the nerites and pleco are almost certainly responsible - when they eat wood, waste is almost continuously produced [I've learned to accept this as part of the natural 'decor' - but would siphon / water change more often if it impaired water quality (any presence of ammonia or nitrite, or if nitrates went above 20)];
* if you upgrade the tank (and filter accordingly) to the appropriate size required by the various species which will be necessary as they grow and before it's too late such as one attacking another [min size = https://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/ ... natum/?sfw=pass1610548586], that may take care of the waste problem to a certain extent.