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Re: I messed up my tank

Subject: Re: I messed up my tank
by Fishlady on 7/1/2021 18:43:37

Unfortunately, there is little you can do apart from separate the fish or get a more appropriately sized tank The tank is much too small for two goldfish (minimum about 180 litres) and there shouldn't be a plec in there as almost all are tropical fish.

I would not worry about the hardness as goldfish do OK in hard water. The biggest concern is the nitrite - you need to change almost all of the water to get that down close to 0. Do you have a result for ammonia as that may be high too?

The tank is not cycled so ammonia and nitrite will keep appearing for the foreseeable future meaning daily partial water changes are needed to keep them down close to 0. This article has more tips for dealing with a fish-in cycle. https://www.fishkeeping.co.uk/articles ... ammonia-nitrite-spike.htm

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