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Re: Rosy Barb loosing colour and inactive, other one is healthy

Subject: Re: Rosy Barb loosing colour and inactive, other one is healthy
by Lil2606 on 22/1/2021 18:01:33

Thank you for your help anyway!

Now in hindsight I can see a couple of things I could have done better, and I thought I would summarise some here in case it helps someone else!

1 - In my original post I mentioned that she got stuck in the bubbler tube while it was off. I had to turn on the bubbles to get her out, so I think that could have been the time she contracted this infection! If anything like that happens with your fish, keep a close eye on it and don't doubt yourself when you think something is wrong. Have a look if you can give them any sort of medication, that would not harm them if they are healthy but would help if they are not!

2 - Don't put your fish in a tank you don't know, if you think they are unwell. This was my biggest mistake. I really thought something is wrong and she is not lethargic just because of the small tank, but I decided to put her over to the big tank anyway, for 2 reasons, 1 what if its really just lethargy, and 2 so the boy wouldn't be alone. Again YOU are there YOU know your fish, don't doubt yourself even if you are new to this... better to be worry pants than loose a fish you cared for. :(
I have since made the conclusion that the filter in the new tank is too strong for them, as they are only little. So she was unwell, had a big stress and change being put in a new tank, and then she was 'blown' round and round for god knows how long on her side, because the filter was too strong and she was weak. Which unsurprisingly ended her life.. I don't know if fish feel fear, but they definitely have a survival instinct.. this was really not a nice / humane way to go :( and I do blame myself for it.

3 - Again if there is something you can give them that might help, and not only it doesn't harm them, they even like it, make sure you add it to their diet! I think besides a possible bacterial infection my fish had constipation from the food they were having, I was looking at changing it because she had problems before when she's gone a little quieter than normal, so I had to isolate her. The connection I did not make was that I also gave her peas every time she was in isolation, because I read that it could be constipation and giving them peas might help.. and it did every time... and me, the idiot, still didn't add it to their diet regularly... to the point that now I am thinking about it.... in one of my posts I mentioned that I isolated her in case the problem is that she is getting too much attention from the boy, and I gave her (both of them) peas, and that was the time I also saw her having see through stringy poo... I even wondered that, that doesn't look normal but didn't know enough to put 2 and 2 together.

So I think I lost her to a bacterial infection of the swim bladder, that was worsened by constipation, so she got a little better when the constipation was resolved (when I isolated her and gave her peas) then it slowly developed and got worse and in the mean time, its likely that she had constipation issues again, then finally she was put under LOTS of stress, which just ended her, in her state, I do think if I haven't moved her over she would have survived for a few more days. Long enough for the medication to start working... or at least to try the medication.

I would like to thank everyone who read through this thread and tried to help! There was only so much you could do from the information I gave, I could have done better on that front too!

Don't make the same mistakes people!