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Re: Rosy Barb loosing colour and inactive, other one is healthy

Subject: Re: Rosy Barb loosing colour and inactive, other one is healthy
by Lil2606 on 21/1/2021 8:59:03

Okay they are in the big tank now, and the girl in question had been swimming around a bit more! She is in the top layers and goes to the surface often.. looks like she is up there for air, but the other one doesn't do that and the filter breaks the top surface, so I (from what I read so far) the water should be oxygenated okay...

She then started to do this thing where she gets herself sucked up against the filter and just stays there, not moving... she can come away, and she did come away from it when I fed them but she went back twice this morning... Then she went to the bottom of the tank and again, just sat there..

To me it seems like she just sinks if she is not swimming around, and that she is weak / tired and doesn't want to swim... the new filter has a bit of a current and she can swim against it, she did it a couple of times, but it does just wash her away most of the time.

I don't know how to help her and its so upsetting.

The boy is fine and seem to enjoy the big tank. Swims around explores, and every now and then nips at my girl. I'm going to my LFS later today to get them some more friends so, hopefully he will leave my poorly girl alone... is there anything I could pick up? Some medication or vitamins or something....

I can now isolate the girl in the little 15l tank if I need to give her meds or anything..