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Rosy Barb loosing colour and inactive, other one is healthy

Subject: Rosy Barb loosing colour and inactive, other one is healthy
by Lil2606 on 3/1/2021 20:30:40

Hi all,

I'm house sitting for a family and looking after their Fish while they are away. They had 3 Rosy Barbs but they lost 2 before I moved in, and I was left with a lonely Girl (Franchesca). She had really grown on me so I bought a friend for her. Unfortunately he (Paolo) turned out to be a real little bully, (fin nipping and she got stuck between 2 rocks once when he chased her) I had to separate them for a while but she recovered and they seem to be on better terms now (they were fine together for about a month now, the girl had been growing her fins back noticeably). I separated them now again.

The other day Franchesca got stuck in the air pipe while it was turned off, and she had been loosing her colour since, and in the last couple of days she became less and less active. A couple of times she was just sitting at the bottom of the tank, but mostly she is up in one of the corners swimming against the current from the air pipe just to stay still, for hours on end, which is unusual for her. She normally swims around. So I am concerned about her, but she eats fine and when she does swim from A to B she swims normally.

I have no PH or ammonia values for the tank. I'll buy a kit one of these days. Temperature is room temperature and the tank is quite small 15l I think (its a small rectangular biorb model). I put a mirror up behind the tank so they "have a bigger school" but I am also looking into getting a bigger tank for them and more friends. I have been reading up on them and I understand they are not in ideal conditions.

Any ideas why the girl is loosing her colour and is so inactive? The boy seems perfectly fine.

Thank you!