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Platy acting weird

Subject: Platy acting weird
by juan22 on 27/12/2020 12:06:32

Hi guys, I have a 250 gallon community tank with Platy fishes and Guppies. Few days ago i started noticing one of the largest female Platy acting up, She would approach any other fish and tilt to the side, upon seeing this the nearest fish would come and peck at the side that the platy is tilting. (Its as if she is trying to ask the other fishes to peck at her body) Today i woke up to see the platy on her side where the fish usually pecks at has appeared a large white slimy patch. I quickly set up another small tank and transferred her there on her own. I bought her along with the other guppies on a work trip to Bangkok and i quarantined them for some weeks before moving them into the bigger tank.