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Fishless Cycle Ammonia

Subject: Fishless Cycle Ammonia
by Koolgal900 on 23/11/2020 23:40:34

Hi everyone!

I'm new to this whole underwater world and at the moment its feeling a little overwhelming! I have had my tank for about 3 months and its sat there empty while I researched everything within in inch of my life! I THINK I'm ready to start a fishless cycle but I need some advice please. I can't find ammonia that is for aquatic use (or I have no idea what I'm looking for) I've given in and ordered the Dr Tim's from amazon but it doesn't tell me the concentration % so am not sure if it will work with the AMAZING cycling Article I found on this forum.

Any help would be wonderful and any advice for a first timer? Hoping to get a few guppies some Pygmy Cory Dora's and maybe a few tetra in my tank once we've had a successful cycle!

Thanks so much for any help you can give! All advice welcome!