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Re: Problems within minutes of water change

Subject: Re: Problems within minutes of water change
by fcmf on 24/10/2020 16:32:38

Dare I ask what the situation has been since your post..?

I agree with Tknoxx's helpful reply:
* something connected with the water change has happened / a contaminant of some sort has got in; other than their plausible suggestions, could there have been a residue from anti-viral wipes, soap, etc, on your hands? [The only other suggestion, based on my own experience, was that this once occurred to me when I used the cooled-down tannin water from having boiled a catappa leaf (with dechlorinator too, of course) - it was as though the concentration of catappa leaf extract was too high... fortunately a large water change resolved it.]
* further water changes are the best option - if that hasn't resolved or has worsened the issues, then definitely contact the water supplier to find out if something has been added that could account for this.

Do update us, please.