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Problems within minutes of water change

Subject: Problems within minutes of water change
by dmaccy on 23/10/2020 21:46:31

Hi - feel like I'm here more than I would like, seemto be running into all sorts of problems!
However your help is always fantastic and works a treat.

Just completed a water change as I do every week. But within 5 minutes of the water change several fish were behaving erratically. Five of our seven emperor tetras were swimming eraticly like they had swim bladder disease and two of our four corydoras were doing their surface dive seemingly once a minute (they normally seldom do this).

Two hours later more fish are now struggling.

The new water going in was within 1 degree of the tank temp and ph ok.
Tested tank parameters using both strip and liquid testing kits.
pH 7.4, ammonia nil, NO2 <0.3 (lowest read rhe test kit allows), Cl2 nil.

New water was treated with tetra aqua safe as usual and quantities measured as prescribed.
Standard water change including gravel vac, wiping the filter box, wiping the glass and trimming plants.

Given the speed I suspect poisoning of some description but given testing parameters showed clear and water came from same source as always not sure what this could be.

Any offers of what this is or anything we can do to save rhe fish?