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Re: Is my tank cycled?

Subject: Re: Is my tank cycled?
by fcmf on 22/10/2020 16:56:21

It sounds as though you're *almost* there, but not quite, as the ammonia hasn't reached 0 yet. (What test kit are you using?)

As I understand/recall it, you should test 24 hours after adding 3ppm, and dose 3ppm if either is still above 0 (but ammonia below 0.25 and nitrite below 1.0).

Once *both* ammonia and nitrite are at 0 after 24 hours of the last 3ppm dose of ammonia, the cycle has finished. At that stage, do a very large water change to remove the nitrate.

For the time that you can't get to the LFS to get fish, the cycle can be maintained by adding 1ppm every few days to keep the beneficial bacteria alive.